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sophie trist

Meet DAJA!

The Disability Awareness and Justice Alliance (DAJA) was founded in Fall 2017 by Sophie Trist, '20 and Laura Coatney, '20.

DAJA raises awareness on campus of issues facing the disability community. They aim to demystify stereotypes surrounding people with disabilities and foster an environment in which students with disabilities can express themselves without fear of stigma and achieve their academic, career, and social goals. To that end, DAJA works in concert with the Office for Accessible Education to ensure that Loyola's buildings, facilities, and learning materials are accessible.

Photo Credit: Christian Orellana

Eventssupport puppy

Emotional Support Dog Visits: DAJA partners with the Office for Accessible Education in arranging puppy visits to the Pan-American Life Student Success Center!

Chronic Pain Awareness Tabling

“Pop Culture Portrayal of Disability: Student’s Analysis”: In this 2018-19 program, DAJA members reviewed examples of pop culture’s depictions of disability in movies, tv shows, and literature, and shared their insights on the accuracy or false representation in those portrayals. The discussion covered visible physical disabilities (e.g., blindness), non-visible disabilities (e.g., chronic pain, eating disorders, and anxiety), and autism.


In addition to tabling and partnering with the Office for Accessible Education to enhance campus accessibility, DAJA members contribute op-eds to The Maroon to raise community awareness of disability:

                             the future is accessible


Join Us!

DAJA seeks to expand its membership in a BIG way this year! All are invited to join DAJA and to participate in all events.

They also seek a Secretary, Treasurer, and Communications Director. To learn more, reach out to Laura Coatney, Vice-President.






DAJA Executive Board 2019-20

Interim President: Sophie Trist

Vice-President: Laura Coatney

Advisor: Samantha Pollard